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by Domina Doll on 04/29/2009

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sex swing

Vibrators are fun and dildos are cool, but every once in a while it is exciting to review something completely different.  One of my pet peeves about sex toys, is that there is not a lot of toys you can use together with a partner during sex.  Well, the Fantasy Sex Swing is made exactly for that purpose.  While it may be fun to hop in there and swing around by yourself, it is a whole lot more spectacular to share it with a partner.

I had my doubts that this was going to be that a stellar product.  But this Sex Swing is very well made and super sturdy.  It has all the sexy metal hardware you need to screw it into your door or ceiling including a huge spring, and the harness is made of strong quality strap.  It is pretty easy to install, comes with instructions and takes about 20 minutes to set it up, and then you are ready for fun.

It features two padded straps for support, one to sit on, the other to lay back on and a set of padded stir-ups.  All you have to do is lay back and enjoy!  It is fairly comfortable and allows you to easily get into positions that your normally wouldn’t be able to without it.  The box shows you various positions you can try out if you are game.  I was surprised how strong the swing is and how much it could hold.  It actually held both my partner and myself with me on top, which is over 300 pounds.  It is a very simple, yet effective design.

And, yes you can have lots of fun with this swing.  Just sitting and swinging in it alone is fun, but having sex in it is a blast.  When I was at the Sex Show Convention in Montreal a few months back, these sex swings were selling like hot cakes.  I can totally see why.  They are much cheaper than most of the sex swings out there (approx $145), but just as effective.  I also have a leather sex sling, that I keep in my barn (I know kinky barn).  And, while you can lay right back in that, the Sex Swing allows you to try multiple positions and is actually much easier for both you and your partner to position yourselves for ease of access.

Want to fuck like a porn star?  Well, maybe not exactly, but you will be able to get into the challenging positions you’ve only dreamed of that offer deeper penetration possibilities.  Plus, the feeling of being weightless while having sex is amazing.  If this doesn’t spice up your sex life, then nothing will!

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