by Viviane on 07/16/2007

Advertising on this Site
I do not sell hard coded links on my site, and only accepted ads through BlogAds. Please click on the link that says “Advertise Here” in the left sidebar.

Blogroll & Linking
I do not do link exchanges. While I have a pretty comprehensive blogroll, I do not add many links right away. You can write me and I’ll try and read your blog for awhile before I decide to add it. I will add you to my RSS feed reader. Please have full feeds turned on. I often will not click through to read a post on your site.

Please don’t write me to if you’re brand new and just started posting. Please build your site for a few months before contacting me.

If you want to build traffic:

  • Read and comment on other blogs
  • Tag your posts, so that search engines can find you
  • Write descriptive titles for your posts
  • Tag your posts or use with terms you think will bring readers to your site.
  • Register your blog in Technorati and other search engines
  • Submit your post to the e[lust].
  • Read a good introductory book about blogging, like Bob Walsh’ Clear Blogging.

Comment Policy
All comments are moderated and your IP address is logged. If you fill out the comment form correctly, you can add the URL for your site. This is displayed as a hyperlink in your comment.

Please do not use the comments to tell me about your new site – send me an email instead. Even if it’s relevant to a post, if I feel your comment is mostly about your trying to shill your site, I will not approve it.

Contact Us
Please use the Contact Us form and email Viviane regarding any link exchanges, media inquiries or product reviews.

I list events on FetlifeUpcoming.org and Eventful.com. You can list your events there, and send me the link. Any events I link to then show up on the calendar in my sidebar – it kills two birds with one stone.

And finally, the Zen Bloggers’ Manifesto:

Do not follow in the footsteps of others, seek what they sought and make your own footsteps.
Write not for others, as there are too many.
Write for yourself, as there is only one.
Subtract before you add.
Listen more than you speak.
Give more than you take.
Make but do not measure.
If you want to change the world, love someone.
All manifestos are dung.