Ducky Doolittle’s Webcasting Sex Workshops

by Viviane on 06/23/2011

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Living in NYC, I’m lucky to have access to many different events and classes. But not everyone’s got that kind of access, which is why it’s great educators like Ducky Doolittle are webcasting their workshops. Here’s the list of classes (and they’re reasonably priced):

6/26 Art of the Female Orgasm
Details & Tickets:

6/27 Art of the Strip Tease
Details & Tickets:

6/28 Amp It Up: Imaginative Ways to Keep Sparks Flying
Details & Tickets:

7/3 Bottoms Up: Exploring Anal Pleasure
Details & Tickets:

7/5 Sex for Survivors: Healing After Trauma
Details & Tickets:

7/6 Do It Like a Porn Star: Simple Tips to Juice Up Your Play
Details & Tickets:

  • Marta Jaworska

    It would be a lot better if she just recorded it and then sold pay-per-view. Getting up at 3 AM is not my idea of sexy fun.

    • Viviane

      Thanks, I’ll pass that comment onto her.

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