Ophoria Beyond No.3

by Domina Doll on 08/19/2009

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August is G-spot month (I have officially christened it!) and I continue to further my experience and knowledge of the G-spot, female ejaculation and G-spot toys.

If you have read any of my reviews on G-spot toys, you will know that my favorite G-spot toy is the Curve by Fun Factory [my review].  Errr…  That was until I got my hands on Ophoria’s Beyond No. 3.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am in love with this toy.  As far as the Curve goes, it is the only toy I have tried that even comes close, and perhaps even improves on that design.

The Beyond No. 3 is made of velvety soft, 100% silicone and features the lazy “f” shape that is perfect for G-spot massage. This beautiful design is also functional, with a rounded bulb shape on the G-spot end and an enclosed loop finger-hole on the other end, allowing for easy, ergonomically controlled, single finger manipulation.  The shaft is long and slender and ribbed near the bulb end (which also makes it ideal for P-spot massage). The G-spot bulb is the perfect size and shape for rubbing the G-spot into deep body orgasms and provoking female ejaculation. And, because it is firm, yet flexible, it feels quite comfortable as it molds to your body to allow you to relax, which is important when trying to ejaculate.  Once you warm up to the toy (which also warms up to you) the firm material allows for G-spot pummeling and thrusting which the G-spot especially enjoys once it gets fully aroused.

While I still love my Curve dildo, the Beyond no. 3 is much more beautifully designed and has become my newest, most favorite G-spot toy.

If you haven’t visited Ophoria Toy’s website, make sure to check it out.  They have some of the most gorgeously designed sex toys on the market, specifically designed for pleasure, including the amazing Beyond no. 3.


  • http://heyepiphora.com Epiphora

    Yes! This is my favorite G-spot dildo too. Wayyy better than the FF Curve.

    • http://lucreziamagazine.com/popmycherry/ Domina Doll

      Much nicer design. So elegant!

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