Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever

by Domina Doll on 06/28/2009

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Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever (2007)
Director- Tony Comstock
Studio- Comstock Films
Cast: Matt and Khym

matt and khym

Tony Comstock does it again with “Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever”.  Although I began reviewing Comstock Films with their latest: “Bill and Desiree” [my review], each film I have seen since then has amazed me.  You would think that using the same formula over and over would get boring, but Comstock’s films are always arousing, intimate and beautiful, and each cast of lovers so diverse that there is always something new to enjoy and experience.  It is the lovers: their different stories, personalities and relationships; that make each Comstock film unique and stand-alone.  And, while you may think, seen one, seen them all, nothing could be further from the truth.

Matt and Khym met with Khym just out of high school and Matt in his early twenties.  Now, in their thirties, they rediscover the sizzle and attraction that first drew them together to find that sex and intimacy are even better than it was before.

Matt and Khym are a very down-to-earth, sweet, compassionate couple.  Not only do they care deeply for each other, they show great kindness to others by populating their home with “strays”.  Because of this they have given up their privacy for many years to shelter others with their love and kindness.  Now, instead of hiding behind closed doors, or having sex in cars, Matt and Khym are free to enjoy their lovemaking openly and rediscover their “2nd Honeymoon.”  They invite you to take “a little peek into their bedroom.”

matt and khym

What starts off slow and sensual with loving caresses soon heats up into a passionate scene of erotic love.  Matt and Khym’s sex scene is intimate, compelling, sweet and erotic.  What I enjoy most about Comstock films is that the lovemaking is always about mutual pleasure, unlike so many porn films that are focused on male desire only.  The men in Comstock’s films are more interested in deriving their pleasure by giving pleasure to their partners and are gifted at making love.

Matt and Khym say they wanted to do this film to show couples that even after years of marriage you can still reconnect with your partner and renew that sexual intimacy.  They encourage others to make sex and intimacy a priority by continuously feeding it.  Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever, is a pleasure to watch solo and even more special to share with a lover.

Buy Matt and Khym by clicking the link below:

Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever (Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series)

  • Pierre Rencontres

    I have recently watch this movie and I was totally smithened by its sensuality. Great erotic film!

    • Domina Doll

      Yes, they are a very sweet couple. Very loving and sensual. I love how they just took their time to explore each other slowly and enjoyed the pleasure that they were giving each other.

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