These days I am very careful with what I put in my body.  I buy organic, locally grown produce from the supermarket or farmer’s market.  My beef comes from my next door neighbor’s farm and my chickens up the road.  I don’t use cosmetics or other products that are loaded with chemicals.  I wash my vegetables and fruit with organic soap, as well as using organic detergents for dishes and laundry.  I buy biodegradable personal hygiene products, recycle religiously and stay clear of jelly sex toys that contain phthalates.

So, it wasn’t a big leap to try organic personal lubricants, which are newly available on the market.   After all, 60% of all chemicals we put on our skin ends up in the blood stream and lubricants may be absorbed through the mucus membranes of the vagina and anus even more so because there is no barrier for protection.  Chemicals that end up in our bodies create body burden which is linked to numerous ailments and diseases.

Yes® water-based intimate lubricant is from a company in the UK and can only be purchased from their website.  It is certified organic and was developed by women.  “Certified organic” means it contains 96% organically grown plant-based ingredients, with no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or hormones.  It does not contain any hazardous chemicals that is found in other products like parabens (contain estrogen mimicking hormones that are potentially linked to breast cancer), petrochemicals (coat the skin halting its normal functions and linked to cancer), silicone (coat the skin not allowing it to breath),  fragrance (irritant), menthol (irritant that damages mucus membranes), grapefruit seed extract (contain parabens), propylene glycol (helps pull chemicals into the skin), as well as sugars and glycerin (feeds yeast infections and is an irritant that can damage mucus membranes).

In other words, it is pure, fresh and natural.  Yes® contains all organic ingredients including aqua (water), aloe vera, flax extract, cocoa and shea butter, sweet almond and sunflower oil, bees wax and Vitamin E, all of which act to moisturize and nourish the skin.  It can be used daily and is especially good for post-menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness.

But does it work?  Yes, it does.  Yes® feels great.  It is thicker than many water-based lubes I have tried in the past, so doesn’t run and stays where you put it.  It has a luxurious sexy slickness that is wonderful for enhancing masturbation and sex.  It feels virtually identical to my own natural juices.  It lasts for a long time and doesn’t get sticky as it dries, simply evaporating into the skin, so you can apply more as needed.

The first time I used Yes® I masturbated just using my own hands and fingers-no toys-and I was amazed at what a sensual experience it was with this extraordinary lube.  If I had enough of it I would take a bath in it.  Seriously, it feels that good.  It would actually make a perfectly great all over body moisturizer as well.  But, because I only have a small tube I’ll keep it for masturbation and sex.

I store my bottle of Yes® in the fridge, because it is organic and it lasts longer that way.  I also love the cool sensation it has when used straight from the fridge.  The only problem with that is my S/O has started using it for his stroking sessions, so now I hide it the butter compartment so he doesn’t use it all on me.  I’ve gone through four bottles since he started using it.  Not that I don’t like to share, but…  I don’t want to share it all!  I guess it’s got his seal of approval though.

Yes® is simply the best lubricant I have ever used hands-down.

Added Bonuses

* Developed by women
* Hypoallergenic
* Condom Friendly
* Hormone Free
* No Spermicides
* Natural PH
* Not tested on Animals

Do I love Yes®?  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes® is available online at: