Weekly Roundup

by Viviane on 08/18/2007

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Movie Review: Superbad (NYT)
Virtual sex worth stealing (MSNBC)
Mini Storage Billboard Aims At Abortion-Rights Activists (NY Sun)
The State Pays for Sex (Village Voice)
Rethinking Merv Griffin (Joe.My.God)

Travel Photo
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Video:Bear Force 1
twin peaks, a story with two parts (pretty dumb things)

Sex Toy Review: njoy Butt Plug
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NYC Leather Dates – August 16-23
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Crossing the Pond: Sex Bloggessy taping

Carnivalgoers, Lend me your Ears.
Georgi (I Shot Myself)
Sugasm #92
Dressing Up (Sugar Baby Weekly)
Sex in the Public Square – Launch Party

Friday Night (A Bad Man in a Bad Place)
The Body Electric School: October 5-7
Bridgets Boy(s)

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Blog Against Racism week
Opposition: Madrid Bans ‘Sex’ Web Search (Forbes)

Weekly Roundup

by Viviane on 08/11/2007

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Ring Toss: Links for 2007-08-10
Did you have sex?

links for 2007-08-10
Errotica Archives
Stage Names & Tidbits (The Wandering Webwhore)

Woman charged after saying she was raped (Houston Chronicle)
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NYC Weekly Leather Dates: August 9-15
Jasmina (Gallery Carre)

Navigating by Landmarks (Bitchy Jones’ Diary)
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errotica archives
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Sapphic Erotica

LGBT Debate – Viewer opinions wanted
The Best of “The Best of Craigslist
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Two Great Tastes That TASTE LIKE DEATH!

Do you want to go to the British Erotic Awards?
Find Lolita – August 2007 and beyond
Registration now open for Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp
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Columnist Roundup

The Trial of Madame Bovary
Housekeeping: Google News Bar
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Mirror, Mirror
No Sex, Please. We’re Asexual.

The Lavender Vote (Newsweek)
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Photo: Katka (Hegre)

Towelrod has breaking news about the Gay American Heroes traveling memorial exhibition, which will honor LGBT people murdered in hate crimes, inform the public about hate crimes and inspire diversity [via Joe.My.God]

The Great Happiness Space, a documentary about young Japanese male escorts, is now viewable online.

SexTV has a feature on Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls, the controversial and erotic comic, which retells the lives of Dorothy from Oz, Alice from Wonderland and Wendy from Peter Pan. [via BoingBoing]

Cara of Feministing wonders why don’t more unmarried women vote?

In No poly presidents, Cunning Minx writes about the #1 taboo of Presidential candidates: sexual non-conformism.

Expecting Executive responds to the Kathleen Deveny’s Newsweek’s rant about the mommy wars.

Cory Silverberg writes about the (disappointing) sexual politics of liberal bloggers.

The Freakonomics blog has relocated to the NY Times. Today’s post is about the science of insulting women.

EZ-Pass and other electronic toll collection devices are being used to prove infidelity.

When fetish diva Midori comes to town for her Rope Dojo, she’ll be speaking at MoSex and at LSM.

Contribute to $pread’s Next Issue

In the Flesh is moving to a new night.

Amber Rhea interviewed Karen Abbott, author of Sin and the Second City for the Georgia Podcast Network. and Wonkette have posts about the arrest of Glenn Murphy, newly elected chair of the Young Republicans National Federation, who sexually assaulted a 22 year old at the home of the man’s sister.

Happy birthday to Bad Man of A Bad Man in a Bad Place.

S/M at the movies: Thor just announced an encore screening on Nov. 30th of The Complete Marquis De Sade Film Festival in Ninety Minutes or Less.