Cinekink, the kinky film festival

CineKink NYC, the kinky film festival, returns for its tenth anniversary appearance February 26th through March 3rd, bringing with it a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality.

Note: I’ve helped judge the shorts competition for several years, and  am judging again this year.


The kink-filled festivities begin Tuesday, February 26th, at 8 PM, with a KICK-OFF GALA & FUNDRAISER to be held at Taj (48 W. 21st Street, NYC), a pansexual celebration that, in addition to music and sexy performances, offers several cinematic gems up on the screen.

The festival then moves to Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC), Wednesday, February 27 through Saturday, March 2, with several different film and video programs scheduled for each day.

An awards celebration and an AfterGlow play party complete the festivities on Sunday, March 3.


Among the headliners, first up on Wednesday, February 27 at 7:00 PM, the festival’s CineKink Season Opener screening of REMEDY, based on writer/director Cheyenne Picardo’s personal experiences, follows a young woman into the dungeons of New York City and the world of professional domination and submission.

Then, at 9:30 PM, MOMMY IS COMING is a raunchy, romantic sex comedy set in the edgy and gender-bending underground of Berlin.


On Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 PM, a special sneak preview of BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL provides an intimate look at the rise, fall, and rise again of one of the world’s most recognized and controversial sex symbols.

Then, at 9:30 PM, a collection of short works, STRANGE LIVE ACTS, explores the relationship between pain and pleasure, performance and transcendence.


On Friday, March 1 at 6:30 PM, SEXING THE TRANSMAN explores the sexuality of transmen and the changes they experience as a result of their gender transitions from female to male.

At 8:30 PM, in HOOKING UP, a hot mix of hot shorts looks at the magic of getting together and (maybe) getting it on.

And at 10:30 PM, DAREDOLLS AND RUBBERSLUTS is a shiny collection of shiny works, all sharing a certain textile fixation.


Kicking off Saturday, March 2 at 1:00 PM, feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino takes the stage in THE FEMINIST PORN SHOW, introducing the concept of feminist porn and playing a selection of short clips she has curated from filmmakers around the world.

At 2:30 PM the discussion continues, as THE FEMINIST PORN PANEL explores what feminist porn is, how it relates to the mainstream adult industry, and some personal experiences creating, performing, or studying it.

At 4:30 PM, a special industry showcase, BRING IT!, features a dazzling array of talent from today’s adult cinema, each representing a wide range of genres and visual styles, all stepping up with a hot sampling of their recent creative endeavors.

At 7:15 PM, RELEASE is a taut and sexy collection of shorts that play with the dynamics found between build-up…and relief.

And at 9:30 PM, the festival’s Closing Night Tribute showcases a meticulously restored version of Radley Metzger’s THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN, widely considered to be the greatest adult film of all time and the apex of porno chic.


CineKink NYC concludes the evening of Sunday, March 3 at 6:00 PM, with an AWARDS CELEBRATION, including presentation of the annual festival awards.,

And at 9:00 PM, the CineKink AFTERGLOW PARTY, is one last chance to mingle with like-minded festival-goers and enjoy a few additional screenings, this time in a relaxed play party setting.

The locations for both events will be announced at a later date.

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Ticket prices for all screenings/panels are $10/$9 advance; $7 for seniors and students (use code “senior” or “student” for advance purchase discount). All prices are inclusive of online ticketing fees.

Admission to the Kick-Off Gala & Fundraiser is a suggested donation of $15/$10 advance.

Admission to the Afterglow Party is $30/individual, $40/couple, $50/triad, advance purchase only.

The Awards Celebration on Sunday evening is free of charge.

A limited number of CineKink All-Access Passes, covering admission to all screening programs/panels, plus all parties, are available in advance for $85; $75 for members of any sexuality-focused organization; $60 for students/seniors; $45 for CineKinksters & Friends w/Benefits (CineKink supporters).


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Billing itself as “the really alternative film festival,” CineKink NYC returns for its tenth anniversary appearance February 26-March 3, 2013, to be followed by a national showcase tour. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works featured at CineKink range from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit –and everything in between.

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Sponsors for CineKink NYC/2013 include Crystal Delights,, and TakeDown Piracy, along with ainsley-t, DistribPix, Feminist Porn Awards, FetishMovies, Leather Archives & Museum, Les Jeux du Marquis, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Pleasure Salon, Reload, and The Eulenspiegel Society.


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I saw David Ives’  brilliant play based on the erotic novel, “Venus in Fur” when it played at the Classic Stage Company last year. The demand for the play was so intense, the run was extended twice.  What starts out as an audition for the play about the kinky lovers, slowly and relentlessly evolves as fantasy gradually becomes reality. It also introduced us to the amazing new actor, Tony Award nominee Nina Arianda, who went on to win several awards for this role and also for her work in “Born Yesterday.”

Now it’s opening on Broadway, at the Manhattan Theatre Club (MTC), and will have a limited run until December 18th. British  actor Hugh Dancy will be playing the role of the director originally played by Wes Bentley. Hugh Dancy can also be seen treating women for hysteria with vibrators in Hysteria.

I’m curious to see what the chemistry between Dancy and Arianda will be like. Whether you love theater, or kink, or both, you should really try and see it.  The video is from the photoshoot for the new play.


The_Normal_Heart. Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Six years before Tony Kushner grabbed the nation’s attention with his Pulitzer Prize-winning play Angels in America, Larry Kramer staged The Normal Heart, about the AIDS epidemic and its devastating impact on the gay community. The Normal Heart premiered at New York City’s Public Theater, Off Broadway, in 1985, and finally received its Broadway premiere this year, winning three Tony Awards. Of the two plays, it is more immediate and raw, and maybe angrier. Kramer’s career as a playwright took a back seat to his life as an activist; he cofounded Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the more radical group ACT UP.

The action centers on the character of a newspaper writer named Ned Weeks, a stand-in for Kramer, and his struggle to respond to the nascent epidemic. But for younger audiences, the AIDS crisis is a generation past, and the disease itself feels remote. Paul VanDeCarr spoke with young people for whom The Normal Heart is not just a tragedy, but a history lesson. Joel Grey, who co-directs the show, says audiences now are shocked by the indifference toward the epidemic in the early 1980s: “The young people are flabbergasted with the information that they hear in that show. … It’s just horrendous, and true.”

Link to audio and pics from the play


Ellen Barkin, John Benjamin Hickey and director George C. Wolfe were on Charlie Rose to talk about the Broadway revival of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart” about the early days of AIDS. The play’s been nominated for 5 Tony Awards. The site doesn’t allow embedding, so click on the image to be taken to the page with the video.


Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is a triumph … and an unforgettable erotic experience.

Matthew Bourne’s narrative can be read as a classic romance. Lovers meet, their passions intertwine, grim forces of the world tear them apart, and in the end they are united in death and redemption. On another level, though, what we have here is one big tragic queer coming-out story, complete with a rejecting parent, the obligatory girlfriend and desperate attempt to conform to social expectation … followed by depression, the first gay hookup, elation, hope, brutal bullying and finally, suicide. The attacking swan troupe, descending upon and tearing apart the lover Swan was as horrific as a lynching. I felt helpless and heart wrenched.

Far too many suffered their fate in silence and invisibility. Although debuted in 1995, this performance seems particularly timely now, given the recent media attention on homophobic bullying, youth suicides, and new efforts of outreach such the “It Gets Better” project.

Lest you think this piece is just about the boys and their swinging masculine prowess, as it can be in many homo focused works, I happily testify that the women and their roles are fiercely and unapologetically sexual as well. The Queen, richly played by Nina Goldman, is a complex mix of regal, cold, lustful, glamorous and dramatic. In one scene she chooses an evening’s lover from the ranks of military men she inspects. In another she allows the Stranger to give her pleasures, despite her son’s conflicted protestations. During the Ball, the stage is so full of mini tableaux of couples dancing entwined in lust, jealousy and struggle of wills that it’s hard to know where to focus one’s attention. I clearly recall one woman carried off stage by a group of men … possibly to be the queen bee of an orgy?