Kate Bornstein

That’s the title of the GoFundMe campaign that was started by Kate’s friend Laura Vogel:

Kate Bornstein has cancer.  The good news, direct from the team of skilled doctors on her case, is that the cancer is curable.  However, the treatment plan that gives Kate the best chance of beating cancer is incredibly expensive.  Kate has spent the past thirty years helping the rest of us Stay Alive—now it’s our turn to give back.  Let’s HELP KATE BORNSTEIN BEAT CANCER AND STAY ALIVE!

This August, Kate was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She underwent surgery, after which extensive testing led her doctors to believe that the cancer was gone.  However, in February, Kate’s doctors discovered that this was not, in fact, the case.  The cancer was back.  Since receiving this news, Kate has seen numerous talented physicians and other medical professionals.  The consensus is that Kate’s cancer IS CURABLE.  However, Kate’s treatment plan is more complicated than most because she has suffered from another kind of cancer–CLL, or Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia–for over fifteen years.  Kate will undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  She will eat according to strict nutritional diet plan and she will take a large number of supplements that will strengthen her body’s ability to handle the chemo and radiation.

Kate has been an inspiration for so many of us. Let’s give something back to her. Please go here to donate something if you can. And please help get the word out. Thank you.

Update: If you’re unable to make an online donation, there’s a P.O. box that’s been set up:

Kate Stay Alive

PO Box 415

NY, NY 10108

Violet Blue spoke at what has turned out to be the last Gnomedex. She gave a talk on the (many) attempts to build communities to discuss sex and sexuality, and how they’ve faltered over the years (communities closed or sold) or been attacked by invoking a service’s terms of service (TOS), the most recent being the Our Porn, Our Selves Facebook page.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 11 — It is hard to imagine a city prouder of its sexuality than San Francisco, a place with an active strip club district, a union for erotic dancers and an annual parade on Folsom Street where those not wearing leather and chaps are the odd ones out.

So it came as something of a surprise when a kerfuffle arose because of the newest addition to the city’s sexual landscape: the State Armory and Arsenal building, a 200,000-square-foot landmark in the Mission District that was just purchased by, an online pornography company devoted to bondage and sadomasochism. (more…)