Laura Antoniou’s The Killer Wore Leather: Book Launch Party

by Viviane on 03/01/2013

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The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou

Many People Wanted Mack Steel…But Who Wanted Him Dead?

In Manhattan’s Grand Sterling Hotel, home of the annual Mr. and Ms. Global Leather contest, last year’s hunky but haughty winner lies dead on the floor of his suite, mysteriously wearing only a pair of frilly, bright yellow panties. Cormac “Mack” Steel made a lot of enemies during his year wearing the studded leather sash, not the least being his co-winner Mistress Ravenfyre. But she is not alone—there are over three thousand attendees from all over the world at this year’s event, some of whom had very personal issues with the fallen leather world royalty.

Enter Detective Rebecca Feldblum, who must navigate a world of doms and subs, masters and mistresses, pups and trainers, leather, latex and lingerie, to discover who murdered the late Mack Steel—and hopefully do it before the weekend is over and everyone goes home.
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Join noted Marketplace series author Laura Antoniou for a reading and book signing at Purple Passion.

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013; 7:00PM

Where: Purple Passion, 211 West 20th Street (Bet. 7th & 8th Aves.)

Be there for signed books and a 10% discount off any additional store purchases!

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About Laura Antoniou

Laura Antoniou is no stranger to the world of BDSM, so recently discovered by the millions of readers engaged in the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey, selling more copies than the Harry Potter books and sending the media into a frenzy. In fact, you could say Antoniou was writing the naughty tales of spanking and bondage way before the 50 Shades author even imagined such things; this year is the 20th anniversary of Antoniou’s 5-novel series, titled The Marketplace. And this year, along with No Safewords, a fan-written collection of stories set in the kinky, pansexual world she created, Antoniou has written her first mainstream novel – and it’s a comedy murder mystery set within the very community so completely lacking in the insular world of kinky Twilight – the venerable world of leather contests!

Perhaps no one but Laura Antoniou could have written this book – having judged too many contests to remember and even produced one twenty-one years ago, Antoniou is well acquainted with the crazy politics, social mores and of course, the spicy play and gossip in what was once a gay-only leather world. And she has taken her vast experience to pen a story that’s both amusing and salacious, poking affectionate fun at the world she lives in – a world much more recognizable than one filled with hard-bodies twenty-something billionaires and virginal college grads.

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