Bookmarks for March 24th

by Viviane on 03/25/2010

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  • Getting Down About Hooking Up | Shira Tarrant | Ms Magazine Blog – What is new on the sexual landscape are debates about whether casual sex is all about fun and free will, or if hooking up is linked to sexual assault and women’s objectification.
  • Vegas’ Mystery Sex Blog | The Daily Beast – A Sin City prostitute is posting her sexploits on Twitter and her blog. Richard Abowitz talks to the anonymous woman who’s inspired a city-wide guessing game.
  • It’s Called a Scene Name for a Reason | Lee Harrington – It’s called a scene name for a reason.<br />
    Because its the name they want used in the scene.
  • Hidden World of Girls – THE KITCHEN SISTERS are launching a new NPR multimedia series exploring the hidden world of girls. Stories of coming of age, rituals and rites of passage, secet identities—of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide.
  • Dating A Porn Star | Lucy Vonne | The Neave Online Publication – But the minute you mention that sex is part of your profession guys only see one thing and presume things about you. ..Yes, I am constantly consumed with and thinking about sex, which was hard for men to see past. They never saw me as the girl to have a relationship with; I was just the hook up. Or if I did start dating someone, they couldn’t deal with my job and would freak out. You have to put on a certain persona and guys couldn’t separate that from the real me. It makes complete sense that I end up in this type of relationship because not only do I understand him but he gets me.
  • A tale of intriguing timing. — Desk Full of Dildos – The death knell has been sounded, dear readers, for Chilldils. A great idea, which still prevailed even when faced with numerous bumps in the road, a concept that I loved not only because it was my ‘baby’, but also because it was people like YOU who gave it life, has been barred from moving any further. (More drama about a sex toy company giving personal info on former workers)

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