Fetish Dolls

by Domina Doll on 03/11/2009

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Fetish Dolls (2007)
Director: Andre Madness
Studio: Adam & Eve
Cast: Naomi, Ava Rose, Marco Banderas, Sativa Rose, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn, Shyla Stylez and Juan Espizedo


When you think of the term FETISH, a few iconic images might spring to mind.  A slim black stiletto, a latex dress stretched tightly over the curves of a body, noir’s femme fatal with a slim a cigarette, a ring of smoke around her head.  There are probably over a hundred fetishes or paraphilias (I counted 85 on Wikipedia) from Abasiophilia to Zoophilia, who defines “Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, [a]s the sexual attraction to objects or body parts not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.”-Wikipedia, List of Paraphilias.

Any object or part of the anatomy can and has been eroticized to the point of where it becomes a fetish.  In Fetish Dolls, it is the women themselves that are the fetish objects along with their body parts: feet, ass, clothed body, tits, and mouth.  The title of the film is very misleading however, as these objects of desire are not fetishized to any large degree, except for a foot fetish scene.  The girls are super hot and in some cases the sex really rocks.  But, for those of you looking for real hardcore fetish kink like Fashionistas, you will be disappointed here.

Scene 1: Foot Fucking with Ava Rose and Brandon Irons

Ava Rose “Surrender Of O,” “Roller Dollz,” “Evil Pink # 4” teams up with Brandon Iron who truly seems to enjoy feet.  Ava is a dark-haired doll to be sure.  This is the best scene in the film as far as fetishes go and Ava is both talented in how she uses her feet and very limber (she actually gives him a foot-job and a blowjob at the same time).  People who get off on feet will find this scene very arousing as Ava’s feet are truly worshipped and admired.

Scene 2: Ass Banging with Naomi and Marco Banderas

This scene is the most enthusiastic of the film with both Naomi and Marco having great chemistry together.  Naomi has a spectacular ass: it is quite muscular and she does this cool wiggle ass fuck thing that seems to be quite effective on her partner.  The action has a good fast tempo and gets pretty raunchy as she slam fucks and rocks on top of him.

Scene 3: Dressing up with Ava Rose and Tommy Gunn


Ava enters a large room wearing a latex top and shorts to meet Tommy who is hot in black leather pants.  Other than their initial introduction, the latex and leather are not specifically given reverence during the scene and Ava is not wearing hers for long.  This scene takes forever to get started and there seems to be a bit of difficultly keeping it up as Ava continuously bobs on Tommy’s knob in between positions and many times during.  Ava has an impressive squirting ejacualtion near the end, but it is hard to get into due to the porn music and the performer’s chemistry together. A very awkward scene.

Scene 4: Breast Worship with Shyla Stylez and Juan Espizedo

Shyla from “Pirates # 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge” and “Fallen” is a blonde with large breasts.  She is especially fond of them herself and plays with them at the beginning of the scene.  She crawls over to Juan and gives him a fantastic blowjob.  But, Juan doesn’t really care.  He is rather robotic and seems to have an affliction for touching Shyla unless it is absolutely necessary.  There is no special attention shown to her very nice breasts by him, although she does give him a boob-job.  The scene is stilted and rather bland because of him, no fault to Shyla.

Scene 5: Oral Fetish with Sativa Rose and Steven St Croix


Sativa is a hot Latin girl who says she enjoys everything to do with oral pleasure.  She does a fine job giving head and the scene isn’t too bad, but there was nothing out of the ordinary about it.  Lots of different positions and then Steven looses his load in his enthusiasm as it shoots right over her head.

I’m not sure what else there is to say about this film, except I was disappointed.  Somewhere between scene one and two them seemed to loose sight of what this film was all about.  It has a pretty box cover and a cool title, but, if you are looking for Fashionistas you will not find that here.  If, however, you want typical vanilla mainstream with a hint of fetish fantasy, this might be the thing for you.  As far as mainstream porn goes, this was not bad and the girls are very hot.

You can buy this and other Fetish DVDs as well as other Adult DVDs at Adam & Eve.


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