Postmodern pornography (Beautiful, depraved)

by Viviane on 07/08/2008

in publishing

Kasia writes:

Debauchette and I are finally coming to the point of being able to launch a project we’ve been working on over the past couple of years. We’re in LA, staying at the Chateau Marmont, in the suite that Helmut Newton lived in to put the last touches on and move forward to our debut.

Here’s the elevator pitch: Haute porn with a heart. Erotic material that’s authentic, intelligent and aesthetically beautiful. Postmodern porn. A sexual New Yorker.
We’ve created a forum for content that is difficult to find and hasn’t been allowed to be produced, shown or published elsewhere. Smart porn. It’s a website – an online magazine showcasing video, photography and written works. To borrow a term Reverse Cowgirl coined, it’s Pornographic Coolhunting.
I’ve known about this project for awhile. I’m thrilled they can finally talk about it.

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