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by Madeline Glass on 01/14/2007

in sex

When I saw the story on I gasped. I mean, come on, Andrew Blake in High Def? I’m sorry, Andrew Blake’s films in HD? And a new website to go with?

What’s there to think about? Sign me up.

Read my SugarClick guest review of from last summer and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His DVDs are already top shelf in production and eroticism, so the prospect of Andrew filming and providing video-on-demand in HD makes my knees a bit weak.

Blake’s very excited about launching, where you’ll get direct access to downloads in standard 720p resolution or HD 1080p (that’s darn good, bitches).

Because, I’m telling you right now, the idea of watching Valentina getting fucked and choked is just the way I’d like to spend a stormy January afternoon.

$3.99 for this? Duh.

  • Jajcus

    This sounds like DRM… That would mean I will not be able to view those movies on my computer (running Linux). :-( I won’t buy Windows or Mac for viewing porn.
    And the option will still be pirated copies of the movies (DRM won’t stop that, at least not for long).

  • Madeline Glass

    I kinda don’t think pirated porn is going anywhere, and while that may suck for you and your penguin-loving linux friends, the good news is that Blake shoots his films on film, which looks better than HD video, anyway.

    Cold comfort, perhaps, but you can stick it on your 42″ DLP and wank to it.

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